What Impact Does Recycling your Cartridges have on the Environment?

Written by on 7/ 2/ 2017 9: 58 AM

We live in a society where we often think about the easiest way to dispose of our wastage, without really thinking about its impact on the environment. The items we throw away end up in a landfill, which has massively negative effects on our environment. Thankfully, recycling schemes have now changed the way we think about throwing our rubbish away, and this is extended to printer accessories like printer cartridges. However, some people may still not be aware of just how easy and convenient it is to recycle, instead opting to just throw things away in their normal bin.

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Technology Guide: Multifunction Printers

Written by on 7/ 2/ 2017 9: 53 AM

The printer industry has changed hugely over the years, becoming more streamlined with our daily tasks both at home and in the office. Printers have become a necessity, in order for us to complete jobs much easier; but most offices will see a...

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How Samsung Business Solutions Can Improve Your Office

Written by on 6/ 2/ 2017 11: 0 AM

Samsung has been at the forefront of consumer electronics for over 70 years, but it’s the company’s business solutions that has turned them into the experts they are today. With Samsung Printers have been bought by HP late last year, the brand is...

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Printer Types Explained

Written by on 2/ 2/ 2017 12: 38 PM

Printers have long been a necessary and essential part of office technology, used for both basic and more advanced functions. As technology has progressed over the years, the devices we use have become more impressive, streamlining our daily...

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What is Ethical Recycling and How Can It Help?

Written by on 2/ 2/ 2017 11: 0 AM

Protecting the environment is a huge ethical issue, one that everyone has a responsibility to get involved in. Recycling properly and following the correct guidelines is a vital part of doing your bit in the most ethical way; something as simple...

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Make a difference in your community by recycling cartridges.

Written by on 1/ 2/ 2017 11: 0 AM

This generation lives in a world where items are easily disposable. In the past, it was fine to dispose of items because all of them were biodegradable. With the advancement of science and technology, new materials through the combination of...

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Sustainable Innovation from Lexmark

Written by on 29/ 1/ 2017 11: 0 AM

 There is a huge emphasis placed on the printing industry being more environmentally friendly than ever before; with so many printer cartridges and other parts being thrown away and added to our ever-growing landfills, there has been a conscious...

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Clever Printing Solutions for 2017

Written by on 25/ 1/ 2017 11: 19 AM

The technology we use in our everyday lives, as well as at work, is always changing and improving to make our days a little bit easier. Printing devices are becoming more high tech and even more functional than before, loaded with features to...

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Take advantage of Cartridges Direct’s free recycling scheme

Written by on 19/ 1/ 2017 10: 7 AM

Cartridges Direct is proud to be helping hundreds of businesses around the world with their ink cartridge recycling efforts. Approximately 800 million ink cartridges are used every year and less than 300 million of them are recycled. It’s a big...

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How to Save Money on Printing Costs

Written by on 16/ 12/ 2016 4: 11 PM

Setting up your office technology can be tricky and it’s important to get it right, for both the success of the operations within your business and general day-to-day running of the office. Devices such as printers should be the least of your...

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