Printing Around the World in 90 Seconds

Written by on 20/ 9/ 2018 10: 0 AM

People need printers, even in space, but on the International Space Station (ISS), not just any printer will do. NASA has a specific set of requirements in order to avoid problems that just aren’t considered here on Earth: the printer has to function in zero gravity, especially in terms of paper management and waste ink disposal, have no glass, as well as meet environmental standards by being flame retardant and safe. Plus, it’s not like the ISS crew can just order replacement printer parts online with a same-day delivery - it’s a tad more expensive to fix problems when the nearest office supply store is 408 kilometres away.

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The Circle of Ink - Closing the Loop on Cartridge Recycling

Written by on 18/ 9/ 2018 12: 1 PM

There is a slowly spinning vortex of rubbish caught in the currents of the Great Pacific Ocean. The waste that has been discarded throughout the centuries of human technological development has created a problem that will take billions of dollars...

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What Is Product Stewardship?

Written by on 24/ 8/ 2018 9: 0 AM

Product stewardship is an approach to managing the impacts of different products and materials. It acknowledges that those involved in producing, selling, using and disposing of products have a shared responsibility to ensure that those products...

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Getting it Right - How to Take the Guesswork Out of Perfect Printing

Written by on 22/ 8/ 2018 10: 0 AM

When it comes to printing, with so many options on the market, it can be hard to get it right. Printing should be easy.  That’s why we have created the ultimate guide of frequently asked questions, to take the guesswork out of perfect printing.

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Custom Shirt Prints: Been There, Done That, Made The T-Shirt

Written by on 21/ 8/ 2018 11: 25 AM

Many of us have at least one - the commemorative t-shirt. It could be a tourist attraction, a special event, or even your favourite photo of your furry friend. With your special photo, transfer paper and a printer, the possibilities of custom...

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Running Dry - How Inefficient Printing is Keeping Australians in the Red

Written by on 4/ 8/ 2018 10: 0 AM

Since the dawn of time (okay, maybe just in the last 10 years or so), printers have copped some serious flak in the average Australian household. For many, the printer is the most hated piece of technology in the household...and the most...

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Conserving Non-Renewable Resources

Written by on 2/ 8/ 2018 10: 0 AM

Plastics are everywhere. A plastic is any material that can be shaped or molded into any form -- some are naturally occurring, but most are man-made.

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Why Australia Has A Recycling Problem And What Can Be Done About It

Written by on 31/ 7/ 2018 3: 35 PM

Australia was once very proud of its recycling program, and our nation was considered a global leader in sustainability. In fact, in 2014 we were ranked 17th in the world and first in non-European nations, according to the Organisation for...

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Not All Things Are Created Equal

Written by on 5/ 7/ 2018 3: 8 PM

Many of us think little about what kind of ink cartridge we use in our printers, with a minority opting for cheaper and non-genuine alternatives. This seemingly insignificant purchase can, however, end up costing us significantly in the long run.

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HP Enterprise Printers - Buyers Guide

Written by on 28/ 6/ 2018 10: 0 AM

HP Enterprise printers are designed to handle dynamic business needs with advanced mobile and security features. Taking the printing industry by storm, HP Enterprise printers are jam packed with exciting features and revolutionary technology. So...

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