Social Media in the Snow

Written by on 26/ 6/ 2018 10: 24 AM

Every winter thousands flock to the snow and millions of memories are made. Hundreds of thousands of those moments are captured on Smartphones and other devices. Your child’s or grandchild’s first snowman or snowball fight.  Skiing for the first...

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Choosing the Printer that's right for you Part 2: The Business Printer

Written by on 30/ 5/ 2018 12: 0 AM

With printing processes continuing to improve thanks to modern technology and tools, the printing industry has caught up to the needs of the modern office. Carefully considering your printing needs, and purchasing equipment that is compatible...

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Choosing the Printer that's right for you Part 1: At Home and The Home Office

Written by on 29/ 5/ 2018 3: 2 PM

With so many models currently on the market, choosing the right printer for your home can be tricky. However, as prices are falling and quality continues to improve, there is no better time to upgrade the home office. Read on for the Cartridges...

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Reuse it or Never Lose it - The Second Life of Empty Printer Cartridges

Written by on 2/ 5/ 2018 6: 18 PM

The national conversation is very much focused on recycling. Whilst the main emphasis is on the collection of recyclables, especially packaging, attention should also be turned to reapplication of materials from products.

Toner and ink cartridges...

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The Why and How of Switching to Economical Printing Practices

Written by on 16/ 4/ 2018 2: 46 PM

Be Ink Wise

It is essential to purchase the highest quality ink cartridges available, in order to protect the health of your printer and to guarantee that the cartridge will be compatible with the device. Because of this, it is important to...

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Battle of the printers: Ink Tank VS Ink Cartridge

Written by on 13/ 4/ 2018 3: 45 PM

With so many different printers on the market today, the average home user has become a little perplexed in regards to which printer to buy. Ink Tank or ‘integrated bulk ink systems,’ are the latest offering from major printer suppliers. These...

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The History of the Inkjet Printer Cartridge

Written by on 25/ 3/ 2018 4: 25 PM

The concept of printing has been around for centuries, dating back to as early as the year 200AD. However, inkjet printing itself only originated in the late 20th century, but has continued to evolve and develop to this day, bringing us...

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Is a “One size fits all” printing solution realistic for your organisation’s workgroups?

Written by on 28/ 2/ 2018 4: 19 PM

Recent generations of printers and MFPs offer greater connectivity, paper handling, speed and flexibility They are designed for use by a group of people who share data and facilities on a network.

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Laser Printers - The Quiet Revolution

Written by on 26/ 2/ 2018 9: 38 AM

It’s hard to believe that up until 30 years ago, there weren’t any printers in the office or at home. If you wanted to publish a document, it had to be typed or handwritten. The impact of printing technology has changed and shaped the way people...

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Could your printer’s security flaw cost your business $2 million

Written by on 23/ 2/ 2018 2: 1 PM

From February 23rd 2018 it is compulsory for all organisations with an annual turnover of $3 million to report any data breach to the Australian Privacy and Information Office. According to the bill, a data breach is classified as an instance...

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