Want to print long lasting photos?

Written by on 31/ 10/ 2017 8: 0 AM

You’ve captured a moment that occurs only once in a lifetime. This moment is one that you will cherish for the rest of your life. You cherish it so much, that you want to print it as a momento that you can look at every day or on special...

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Maximise the impact of your photo prints with these 6 tips.

Written by on 25/ 10/ 2017 8: 0 AM

It was less than 20 years ago that you would have to enrol the services of a professional photographer to give you vibrant, crisp photos that would capture the story and emotion in an image. It was only those professionals who could make ordinary...

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7 ways to creatively display your most precious memories.

Written by on 25/ 10/ 2017 8: 0 AM

Pictures tell a thousand words and can share a million more memories. But too often we just leave then on our Smartphone rather than putting it on display. Just glancing at an image that shows one of your fondest moments in time can impact the...

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Spruce up your home with these interior design ideas and your printer.

Written by on 24/ 10/ 2017 8: 0 AM

Anyone can move into a house, but it is the interior decor that will turn it into a home. Every person and family has their own traits that defines them. As a homeowner or resident, you want to inject those traits into your home. There are...

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The Corporate Canvas - A Guide to Selecting the Ideal Printing Paper

Written by on 29/ 9/ 2017 9: 0 AM

There are a few things that you need to ensure that you will end up with a high quality print. A high-quality printer, high-quality ink cartridges and high-quality paper. The paper can often be overlooked as the cheap commodity in favour of the...

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Contemplating Colour - Why Choosing the Right Ink Cartridges For Your Designs is Important

Written by on 25/ 9/ 2017 9: 0 AM

At Cartridges Direct, we’re proud to supply high quality ink cartridges that we know will provide high quality prints for designers. There’s nothing worse than spending hours, days or even weeks on a design project, only to have the precious work...

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5 things you must consider when purchasing printing supplies for your home business.

Written by on 22/ 9/ 2017 11: 14 AM

Printers are amazing, but they can also be frustrating if you purchase the wrong one or worse, invest in the wrong supplies for your printing needs. There are several considerations that you should keep in mind to ensure that you not only...

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A Guide to Getting More From Your Multifunction Printer

Written by on 30/ 8/ 2017 3: 44 PM

Most of us want to do more than just print documents, we want the ability to scan and copy existing documents as well. Of course all these functions can use separate devices, but why take up all the space they need when they can be combined into...

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Genuine vs. Generic - The Real Benefits of Genuine Ink Cartridges

Written by on 24/ 8/ 2017 3: 0 PM

There’s a common frustration amongst many printer owners and that’s the cost to purchase replacement ink cartridges. When people are faced with purchasing ink cartridges that cost anywhere from as little as around $12 to several hundred dollars,...

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What Is The Best Printer To Print Your Memorable Moments

Written by on 19/ 8/ 2017 2: 0 PM

 When you think about printed photos, the first things that should come to mind glossiness, the print resolution and vibrant colours. It’s easy to assume that most printers will provide this functionality, but it’s not until when you actually run...

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