Recycle Ink/Toner Cartridges

5/ 10/ 2016 2: 40 PM

If you want to recycle ink cartridges or recycle toner cartridges, purchase ink and toner cartridges from Cartridges Direct and use our free postage paid recycling satchels.

Most homes and offices in Australia have at least one printer using ink and toner cartridges for printing, and even with a push toward going paper-free most of these printers will go through a few cartridges a year.  As part of our individual and collective responsibility to our environment all printer cartridges should be reused or recycled before being thrown out to become part of our ever-growing landfills.  To make a new ink or toner cartridge requires twenty times the energy than to reuse or recycle one, and a new printer cartridge can use up to three litres of oil during its manufacture.  

Only a small percent of the hundreds and thousands of ink and toner printer cartridges that are sold in Australia go through a recycling process once they are empty.  Most end up in landfill sites, with a typical printer cartridge produced from engineering-grade polymers that can take as long as a thousand years to decompose.

The Cartridges for Planet Ark Program is a collaboration between Planet Ark, Close the Loop, and environmentally responsible printer cartridge manufacturers. This programme was set up in 2003 and over 10 million cartridges had been successfully recycled by the end of 2009.  For home and small business printer owners there are more than 3,000 public drop-off points throughout Australia where used printer cartridges can be taken for recycling.  For medium to large businesses that tend to go through a few printer cartridges a year you can have a C4PA box in your office which is collected for free by Close the Loop.




C4PA recycles all brands of laser, inkjet, and toner cartridges, as well as toner bottles, fuser and drum units, waste containers, and print heads.  Once collected the printer cartridges are sent to Close the Loop and they are separated into their component parts and sold to be used in new merchandise. Close the Loop guarantee that none of the printer cartridges returned for recycling end up as part of landfill, and the company is audited each year by an independent auditor.


Some companies offer a refilling service for those ink and toner cartridges that care able to be refilled, and some manufacturers like Epson and HP have formed effective partnerships with local recycling companies, many of whom offer free pick up services for medium to large organisations.

Recycling ink cartridges and recycling toner cartridges is easy with Cartridges Direct. We offer convenient ethical recycling of OEM printer cartridges purchased  from our online shop. Shop online now, and receive a free postage paid recycling satchel. 



Recycle Ink/Toner Cartridges

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