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Business printing in the 21st Century needs a printer that is capable of handling heavy workloads, able to do many jobs, but speed is important for productivity. It needs to be efficient but at the lowest cost per print to complete the cost efficiency equation.


Business printing in the 21st Century needs a printer that is capable of handling heavy workloads, able to do many jobs, but speed is important for productivity. It needs to be efficient but at the lowest cost per print to complete the cost efficiency equation.

For a long time Laser Printers were the choice for printing in the office. Despite their higher purchase price and slightly higher energy consumption, in the long run they were the better choice. This was because their higher print speed and the fact that the toner cartridge could print far more pages before it needed to be replaced made the Laser Printer the more cost effective solution for business printing.

Then HP looked at the very basics of Laser Printers versus Inkjet Printers and looked at why the Laser Printer was the more cost effective solution. The higher print speed was because the paper path through the printer was smoother as the toner cartridge runs the full width of the page and so as the paper passed the toner cartridge it printed the entire width of the page at the same time. The Inkjet Printer, on the other hand, had four cartridges held in a cradle that shuffled backwards and forwards across the page. This meant that the page had to be held whilst the cradle made a pass. It also meant the inkjet cartridges had a limited supply of ink and could print far fewer pages than a Laser Cartridge before it needed to be replaced. However an Inkjet Printer prints graphics better than a Laser Printer

HP looked at the key features of the laser Printer that gave the benefit of higher print speed and more printed pages per cartridge and developed an inkjet printer cartridge that provided the same benefits. But it needed to retain the superior graphics handling capabilities of an Inkjet Printer. HP PageWide Technology was the result.

HP PageWide Technology

Now HP Inkjet Printers can print at the same, or even faster speeds as a Laser Printer at can print at a similar cast per page. It achieves this by consuming less energy than a Laser Printer. As a result the HP PageWide printer provides a truly cost effective solution for printing in the office

What Is It?

The HP PageWide Pro 577dw is part of the innovative HP PageWide stable. It’s a very fast, high quality Multifunction inkjet printer that is faster than a laser printer and, with the Extra High Yield cartridges, is cheaper to run. It is designed for workgroups ranging in size from 5 to 15 users.

The HP PageWide Pro 557dw

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Versatility is key.

Because it’s a Multi-Function Printer with the ability to not just print but scan, copy and fax as well, it’s versatile. But it’s more than function versatile. It is connectivity versatile as well. The HP PageWide Pro 577dw has an impressive array of ways to access its functions. It can be accessed by way of an Ethernet port (IPv4 or v6), Wi-Fi N, USB 2.0, Flash Drive (with native docx and ppt) or NFC. But that is just how to access the network. What is impressive is the range of mobile and cloud print features. This includes HP ePrint, HP Mobile Apps, Google Cloud Print v2, Apple AirPrint, Mopria-certified, Android Plug-in, Windows 8/10, Mobile, and Chromebook. It even has a dedicated email address to print to if you need it.

How It Performs

Now we know the multitude of ways to access each of the functions of the H P PageWide Pro 577dw let’s have a look at how each function performs.

The Print Function

There is no denying that the HP PageWide Pro 577dw is a fast printer. It has an ISO rating of 50 pages per minute in both black and colour with the first page out in 6 seconds in Black and 6.5 seconds in colour. In draft mode the print speed is even more impressive at up to 70 pages per minute in both Black and Colour. It has a resolution of 1200 x 1200 Dots per Inch (DPI) in Black and 2400 x 1200 DPI in colour giving a high quality of print output.

The HP PageWide Pro 577dw offers duplex printing to print both sides of the page automatically.

It is capable of handling a high volume workload with a maximum monthly print cycle of up to 80,000 A4 pages and a recommended month print cycle of between 1,000 and 6,000 pages a month.

The Scan Function

On top of the machine is a flatbed used for both scanning and copying that is fed by an Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) capable of handling up to 50 sheets. The ADF will also feed the Copier function.

With a flatbed scanner that is 216 mm wide and 356 mm long it easily accommodates an A4 size page The HP PageWide Pro 577dw can scan at speeds of up to 26 images per minute (IPM) in both colour and Black & White It has automatic single pass double sided scanning at the same speed as single sided.

Output from the scanner can be to print or to e-mail with address look-up, as well as to a Network Folder. Information entry is by way of the conveniently placed 10.9 cm colour graphics touchscreen.

The Copy Function

The ADF also feeds the Copier Function to produce up to 99 copies of a document at up to 50 ppm to ISO Laser Standard or 70 ppm in Draft form. As with the Print and Scan Functions the Copy Function can print both sides of the paper in a single pass automatically. It can also reduce or enlarge the image from between 25% to 400% which is selected from the touchscreen.

The Fax Function

For secure transmission faxes can be sent from the HP PageWide Pro 577dw in both colour and B&W at a resolution of up to 300 x300 DP in Black and 200x200 DPI in colour with a double sided option and at transmission speed of 33kbps or 4 seconds per page. It features Auto redialling, fax forwarding and Fax Polling. It can send to a PC using the HP Software or can be sent by a supported handset.

Versatile Paper Handling

Business printing is not just printing on to A4 sheets of paper. It calls for printing on to a wide variety of materials from lightweight paper to heavy cardstock in a vast array of sizes from envelopes through to A4 and everything in between.

The HP PageWide Pro 577dw can handle them all from the standard 500 sheet adjustable input tray or the 50 sheet multi-purpose tray. There is also an optional additional 500 sheet input tray available as well as an additional 2 input paper trays mounted on a stand to give a total of 2000 sheets of varying sizes and paper types for total versatility..

An output tray with a capacity of 300 sheets, face down, is standard to handle longer runs.


Any device connected to the Internet of Things can offer a point of access to a network.

The Wolf

However HP have installed the highest level of security to the HP PageWide Pro 577dw to minimise the risk. Having identified the points of vulnerability HP have embedded security into the HP PageWide Pro 577dw to seal it, and consequently your network, from unauthorised intrusion.

Power Requirements.

This is another area where an inkjet printer proves to be far superior to a laser printer.  When printing, a comparable laser printer will use 571 Watts. This is because a laser printer needs a fuser wire at a high temperature to fuse the toner to the paper.

An Inkjet Printer does not need a fuser wire and so it consumes far less power. The HP PageWide Pro 577dw uses a mere 70 Watts on average for the same task. Even when at idle and ready for printing there is a difference with a Laser Printer using 33.1 Watts compared to the HP PageWide Pro 577dw which uses just 10 Watts.

The printer plugs directly into a power point.

How Big Is It?

The HP PageWide Pro 577dw is capable of taking on the biggest tasks and, as such it is of a size that up to the task. With a footprint of 530 mm x 407 mm and a height of 467 mm it needs a dedicated space in the office. It needs additional space on the left side to give access to the side opening of the multipurpose tray. It’s no lightweight either with an empty weight of 22.15 kg so it will need a sturdy surface.

What’s In The Box?

The HP PageWide Pro 577dw comes complete with everting needed to get started In addition to the printer itself it comes with four HP PageWide which are already installed and will print up to 3500 pages in black and up to 200 pages from the Cyan, Magenta and Yellow cartridges. The cables include the power cord, a phone cord, a USB cord and an Ethernet cable.

There is also a n Installation Guide and a suite of CD ROMs, including the software, drivers for both Windows and MAC as well as a User’s Guide.


The HP PageWide Pro 577dw MFP uses PageWide inkjet printer cartridges from the HP 975 range of cartridges. The standard HP 975A printer cartridges have a page yield of up to 5,000 pages in Black and 3,500 pages in cyan, magenta or yellow. Step up to the HP 975X High Yield cartridges and they have a page yield of 10,000 pages in Black and 7,500 pages from the colour cartridges.

You can order your HP 975 Printer Cartridges from CartridgesDirect Here

The HP PageWide Pro 577dw is eligible to be a part of the CartridgesDirect AutoMATETM  automated Ink Replenishment Program to ensure that the HP Pro 577dw never runs low on ink no matter the workload and maintains its productivity.  Learn about the CartridgesDirect AutoMATEth Here

Pros and Cons


Using HP’s innovative PageWide Technology it is a real game changer that makes inkjet printing in the office a cost effective alternative to laser printers.

  • A versatile Inkjet MFP that is competitive in speed and cost per page as a Laser Printer.
  • An extremely high level of connectivity.
  • Embedded security to protect your network and business
  • Versatile paper handling
  • More energy efficient than a Laser Printer


  • It can’t be tucked away as it needs a reasonable amount of space to make use of its features.

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