HP Laserjet Pro MFP M426FDN Printer Review

Some larger work groups need a versatile printer that fast and able to handle the workflow efficiently. Their requirement also calls for purely monochrome output but they need more than a dedicated printer. The HP LaserJet Pro MFP M426fdn is designed for applications such as this. It is more than just a printer, however, it scans, copies, faxes as well as print and is designed for higher volumes.

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HP Pagewide Pro 577DW Review

Business printing in the 21st Century needs a printer that is capable of handling heavy workloads, able to do many jobs, but speed is important for productivity. It needs to be efficient but at the lowest cost per print to complete the cost efficiency equation.

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HP Colour LaserJet PRO M452DW Printer Review

The HP colour LaserJet Pro M452dw printer is designed for workgroups of up to 10 users who want fast, economical colour printing with versatility in its accessibility.

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HP Sprocket Review - Multiple Memories In Your Pocket

A memorable moment can happen at any time, with anyone and anywhere. Of course you capture the moment on your Smartphone. You store it in the phone and you can send it to friends. Often that moment is so special that you want to share it, in a special way, with a hard copy. Then you and your friends have a permanent memory for your bag or wallet. But you have to wait until you are near a printer. But not anymore.

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HP Laserjet Pro M227 Series Review

For businesses the majority of printing is based on text printing, especially smaller font printing. In this area the Laser Printer has always been superior to Inkjet Printer because of the rapid fusing of the toner to the page. The ink takes just that little longer to dry.

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HP Laserjet Pro MFP M227FDW Printer Review

Some aspects of business are simply black and white. But it still needs to be versatile, fast and perform many tasks simultaneously to be truly productive. And the HP LaserJet Pro MFP M227FDW is aimed squarely for users who have a need for a purely monochrome MFP, but they still need a printer that is more than just a printer. 

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A Printer With Top Shelf Features That Fits Any Shelf

When you run a small business, print at home or need a printer, scanner and copier for the kids school assignments the one thing you probably don’t have is desk space. A desktop printer - let’s face it - takes up desktop that you can ill afford. The new HP Deskjet 3700 series of printers could be your answer.

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HP Officejet X551dw Printer Review

Some track and field athletes are the fastest in the world over sprint distances. Others are the best over middle distances whilst still others are better than anyone else over long distances and in marathons. It takes different body types and attributes to excel in over different distances. The skills sets are totally different’

But here’s a printer that, if it were an athlete, would be the best in the world in all disciplines. Not only that, it’s the most effective with the lowest cost per page of any printer, including laser printers.

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The Differences Between Laser and Inkjet Printers

Laser and inkjet printers have both been held with high expectations when it comes to both offices and households, but they have been somewhat stereotyped over the years and branded with particular features. 

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