Will you capture your best holiday moments on camera?

Written by on 18/ 12/ 2017 11: 0 AM

 It is the holiday season and the this time of year is time to put your feet up or let your hair down with holiday activities. People get together with friends, families and loved ones. It is a special time of year that will create many memorable moments.

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7 ways to creatively display your most precious memories.

Written by on 25/ 10/ 2017 8: 0 AM

Pictures tell a thousand words and can share a million more memories. But too often we just leave then on our Smartphone rather than putting it on display. Just glancing at an image that shows one of your fondest moments in time can impact the...

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Sustainable Innovation from Lexmark

Written by on 29/ 1/ 2017 11: 0 AM

 There is a huge emphasis placed on the printing industry being more environmentally friendly than ever before; with so many printer cartridges and other parts being thrown away and added to our ever-growing landfills, there has been a conscious...

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Clever Printing Solutions for 2017

Written by on 25/ 1/ 2017 11: 19 AM

The technology we use in our everyday lives, as well as at work, is always changing and improving to make our days a little bit easier. Printing devices are becoming more high tech and even more functional than before, loaded with features to...

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Canon Printers: A Record of Development and Innovation

Written by on 29/ 11/ 2016 1: 45 PM

As one of the leading manufacturers of office and imaging technology it is interesting to see how the company started and evolved, through innovation, to its current position. Starting in a small room in Tokyo around 80 years ago, Canon...

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